Travel Grant

SOTM Abuja, Nigeria 2023
Scholarship & Travel Grant Programme

As part of support, the State of the Map Nigeria is offering travel grants for active local community members to attend the inaugural SoTM conference which will run from 11th to 14th October, 2023 in Abuja, Nigeria.
Application is open till 25th August, 2023 and will be considered on roll-on basis and availability of funds.

The size and number of scholarship prizes you receive may be adjusted depending on the amount raised by our fundraising committee and will be very competitive.

Scholarship / Travel Support Grant

Due to limited funding expected coverage will now focus on supporting the local community in Nigeria .
The SOTM Abuja, Nigeria 2023 conference shall target to fund  20 travel grants for participants.

  • International travel grants
  • travel grants for Volunteers from the 6 geo-political zones of Nigeria

Participants are grouped into  categories which are

Invited/International participants

The Travel Grant includes the amount required for a full conference ticket/s, flight ticket, travel insurance and accommodation, as well as reimbursable funds for Visa and other expenses. i.e. local transport, PCR tests (if required), etc

Local participants

Local participants who stay far away in Nigeria (North-East, South-West, North-West, North-Central), will be offered full flight tickets for safety reasons, while participants residing in the south-south and south-eastern region closer to Abuja  will be offered a discount of 50%

Eligibility Requirement

To be eligible, applicants must meet these two factors:

  • Valid ID for local participants either National Identity or valid passport for intended participants within the country that will travel by flight.
  • International Participant should be in possession of a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity at the time of travel.
  • The applicant actively contributes to and participates* in the HOT/humanitarian open mapping / open data community. They/she/he is one or more of the following:
    • is an active member of Open Mapping Community in Nigeria or HOT’s priority countries
    • is a HOT mapper/trainer/validator (e.g. part of the HOT Validators Team / Validator Trainee)
    • An active member of Unique Mappers Network (UMT),–who supports, contributes and participates in the community development and growth
    • includes map edits and non-map edits (e.g. organizing training / mapathon / events, documenting in the  wiki, developing apps, mentoring and community building, etc.)

Additional Criteria

Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will go through the next round of evaluation and will be evaluated based on the additional criteria, with points awarded:

Minority and under-represented groups – we aim to increase diverse participation in the humanitarian open mapping community:

    • An applicant from an Open Mapping Community in Nigeria or HOT’s priority countries receives 1 point
    • An applicant who contributes/ has experience with OpenStreetMap / open Mapping / open data platform humanitarian/community development, receives 1 point
    • An applicant who is a woman receives 1 point
    • An applicant who is a student receives 1 point
    • An applicant who Resides in a disaster/conflict-prone region/state receives 1 point

Unique Mappers Community members

  • Past and current student and non-student Unique Mappers Leader-1
  • Members with listed OSM contributions in Unique Mappers Leaderboards -2
  • Registered members of Unique Mappers Community -1

Submitted and accepted talks

  • An applicant who has an accepted talk/ paper at SoTM Abuja receives 2 points
  • An applicant who submitted a talk/ paper or plans to speak in a lightning talk or self-organized session receives 1 point.

Motivation statement

  • The applicant’s motivation statement (details of contributions and participation as well as how their attendance will benefit their local community / humanitarian open mapping community) may receive 0 to 3 points.

Total Points – 14 Points

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